Saturday, December 26, 2009

[DKP GIFT] Daily K Pop News has Christmas Gifts for readers!

Dear visitors,i know that Christmas is coming soon (although still more than 3 weeks to go),i guess you guys are already busy decorating your house with some bling bling christmas accessories,but after all please don't forget to decorate your PC's desktop too,if you are still scratching your head on how to decorate it,then your problem is solved here.

Our staff,snowwhite99 has designed two christmas wallpapers so far to give you a refreshing computer desktop,she will continue to design more wallpapers in the near future,please state the artists that you wish to appear on the Christmas wallpaper on the comment box.

If you are a top commenters in Daily K Pop News,there is a higher probability that your request will be fulfilled,so please leave more comments on our post so that you can request for the christmas wallpaper that you like!

Try to get yourself into the top ten commenters list of Daily K Pop News!Anonymous' comments will not be counted!

Note:It will take few days or even a week for your request to be fulfilled,so please be patient!

Two designs here at the moment!

After opening the tab,right click then SAVE it!!

After opening the tab,right click then SAVE it!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

[Videos] SNSD & Super Junior released new Seoul Song!

Male and female groups with the most number of members are featured in a new CF!

SNSD and Super Junior dominated K Pop in the first half of 2009 with Gee and Sorry Sorry,and now they work hand in hand for this latest version of Seoul CF to promote Seoul to the whole world.

People said that Seoul is the soul of Asia,in my opinion SNSD and Super Junior are the soul of K Pop,please enjoy the latest version of Seoul CF!

[Picture] 2PM + SHINee = BEAST?

Netizens' eyes are sharp,however their memory is good at the same time!

After watching BEAST's Mystery performance on Inkigayo,netizens spotted something in common among BEAST,2PM and SHINee.

Still remember the outfit that SHINee wear in Replay's MV,i guess many of you have forgotten about that,you cans till refer to the photo above,it is already one year but fans still managed to dig it out and made some comparisons with the outfits BEAST wear when performing Mystery!

Netizens said that the outfits that BEAST wear is a hybridisation between the outfits of 2PM's I Hate You and SHINee' replay,do you agree with their views?

Many thanks to fallen*angel@soompi for sharing this very interesting topic!

[Cyworld] Donghae Cyworld Update

- Don’t make Donghae so timid -
2009.12.07 12:01
In the [-Haru-] folder

ㅋㅋㅋ…Don’t make me so timid~~ㅜㅠㅜㅠ

We’re all good~!!ㅜㅠㅜㅠ
These are all wonderful memories!!
(Our) adorable blue angels gave us this love where can the memories be bad!!^^
The gifts for me the members will play with it like this but it’s all the same!!ㅋㅋㅋ
Don’t be timid!!Being like that I will cry!!~~ㅋㅋㅋ
From-Thai Super show 2
Source: Lee Donghae Cyworld
Thanks piyah for sharing
Translated by
may take out with full credits

Photo Entry 2009.12.07*
대 만 에 서 . . . */*In Taiwan…*

이동해 2009.12.07 00:26

Hello everyone^^~~

This is Super Junior’s Donghae.
SUPER JUNIOR-M’s first fanmeeting was held on 2009/12/5/6!^^
Firstly, (I’d) really like to say an apology to fans~
Our album has been out so long but we’ve only come so late to meet you all…
Even so, there were many E.L.Fs who created the blue sea for us…
It was very touching!!^^
It was very enjoyable and everyone was absolutely!!great and a very enjoyable memory (?)!!^^
Although it was only the 7 of us, but it was really like all Super Junior members together, even those members who didn’t come were working hard!!^^ㅋㅋㅋ
In February, there’ll be a SUPER SHOW2 in Taiwan!! You all know about it right??~~^^
Until the next meeting, do not fall sick!! Always be healthy!!
You~must~be well!!
Once again, thank you so much!!~~^^
I love you (all)!!
Thank you for giving (me) good memories, remembrances, and the touching (moments)!!
I love you,I love you,I love you!,(Don’t be unfaithful)!!!!
Pearl sapphire blue ,ELF you are the best!!^^
Credits: BLG @ superduperlove

[Cyworld] Leeteuk Cyworld Update

Diary entry. 2009.12.07 04:31
..Before going on stage or now…
..It can’t be helped when it becomes lonely during wee hours..
..It’s a heart aching moment..^^;;keke..It’s like going crazy..keke

Photo entry. Inside think folder. 2009.12.07 04:26

..I’m here..
..Just like a fool standing here..
..If it’s here, will you come?..
..Because being lonely, so it’s painful..*
..Can (I) wait in here, for awhile?..
..I’ll wait..leaving a place for you..

*i’m unsure of this sentence. It sort of means like.. because i’m lonely, that’s why i’m feeling painful. But it’s written in a 3rd person pov, so i couldn’t add i’m insde. I need help on this D:
Credits: Kor>Chi:

[News] Ryujin – Jeong Kyeowoon – Kim Heechul, “The guys who love 10 million times”

(just translate the part about Heechul)
Super Junior member Kim Heechul who show a charming image on the stage this time portrayed a pure boy in this drama. Kim Heechul who played the role of Leechul, the “delivery idol”, has fell in love at the first sight with Oh Nanjeong (Park Soojin) and struggled to find the way to capture her heart.
In the latest epsidoe, Leechul had proposed to Nanjeong who cant forget her love but after being rejected, he had changed 180 degree to be a cold-hearted person which made Nanjeong feel worry.
Besides, the “Loving you 10 million times” epsidoe which was aired on December 6th has got the rating of 21.5% (AGB nielsen media), a record of rating.

original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits and dont add in your credits

[Pictures] Kevin Vs Eli,who is cuter?

In the joint photo above,showing the expressions when U-Kiss' members Eli and Kevin eating Chocolate,who do you find cuter?

Both of them are truely flower boys in the team alongside Ki Bum and Ki Seop,hope that they will have fun with fans during their first fanmeeting!

[Pictures] U-Kiss' new boy shows body!

U-Kiss' new boy Ki Seop updated his cyworld recently with the first photo above.

He is shirtless in the photo and he is showing fans especially females his abs!He is hot but he can hardly get a line when U-Kiss are performing "Man Man Hani",i wonder why new members need to get this kind of treatment,his situation reminded me about After School's Nana,but at least Nana is better than him as Nana has one line in "Because Of You"!

Anyway,his body is more than enough to impress dear fans.Lastly,U-Kiss will host their first ever fanmeeting very soon,please visit us again to be updated with latest news from U-Kiss!

[DKP NEWS] SNSD's Gee received 10 Millions clicks on GOMTV!

Gee, Gee, Gee,Baby,Baby,Baby....The hotness of this song is still burning,already reaching 10 millions hits on GOMTV,this again shows that many people still love the cute rythm of the somg that conquered most of the music charts at the beginning of the year.

This records breaking song makes people wanna listen to it again & again,an average of 1 million his per month,i wonder how many records the wanna break with Gee,lastly hope that they will win some prizes with Gee again!

Kacey @ Daily K Pop News

[Pictures] T-ara, Supernova, and Seeya’s Yeonji say goodbye to Kim Jong Wook!

T-ara,Supernova and Seeya appeared on the place where ballad singer Kim Jong Wook gathered for his military service!

It seems that they are pretty good friends.Kim Jong Wook looks great in cool cut,wish him all the best!

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